Examples of our Commercial Photoshoots

Woolworths Commercial Shoot 2018

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Petbarn Autumn/Winter Catalogue products and pets with products 2018. 

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Rufus and Coco Australia Product Range 2018.

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Photo shoot of dogs and cats wearing products for the Petbarn Christmas Catalogue 2017


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Matt Dunn and his model cat "Willow"

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Fuzzy Beast Studio_404.JPG

Dog Models used: BjornFamous (Chihuahua), Ruby (Kelpie), Potato (French Bulldog), Elmo (Cavalier), Lizzie (Labrador), Cino (Bichpoo), Squishie (French Bulldog), Batman (French Bulldog), Cujo (French Bulldog), Rose (Pug), Bear (Husky), Simba (Chihuahua X) and Teddy (Pointer X).

Cat Models used: Ishtar (Bengal), Minko (Munchkin), Nosferatu (Russian Blue) & Pikachu (Devon Rex)

Fuzzy Beast Studio_096_1.JPG
Fuzzy Beast Studio_099_1.JPG
Fuzzy Beast Studio_036.jpg

Dog Models: Buzz the Cavoodle, Batman the French Bulldog, Dotti the Cavoodle and Rose the Pug

Bonefide Collection Product Shoot

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Dog Model: Tilly the French Bulldog